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todd knupp


In Olathe, KS

Proven Skills:


Content Development,

Social Media Marketing

Web Site Design,
Photography / Video,

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Profile - About Me

todd knupp
  • Todd Knupp
  • Olathe, KS
  • toddk@toddknupp.com
  • www.toddknupp.com

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a Professional, wait until you hire an Amatuer.”

I have a passion for:
Responsive Sites

Responsive sites work equally well on all devices - from big desktops to tablets, even smartphones.
That's why Google rank is now heavily weighted towards fully responsive sites. It assures them customers will find what they are looking for, and not encounter problems.

If you don't have a fully responsive site - get one. Obtaining customers from Google now depends on it.

Online Branding

“People will forget what you say, people will forget what you do, but people never forget how you make them feel.”
The core of successful branding is how a brand makes people feel inside. When customers feel a brand touch something in their heart, core emotions will drive brand allegiance.
Done correctly, brand allegiance can be very contagious. It also produces an abundance of "brand advocates", customers who enthusiastically promote your brand to others.

Awesome Content

A successful Internet presence has a singular intent - to deliver what your customers are looking for and MORE. It's NOT just about successful branding, social media, paid ads, or responsive sites. It IS about the piece which glues all those other pieces together, the most important piece:
- Awesome Content -
content that satisfies cravings for information and discovery, while fostering their hunger for more knowledge. A hunger which returns them to your site, again and again. Awesome content will drive more traffic, boost search engine rankings and get your site linked to more than anything else, period.

Skills - Personal Info

Professional Skills
Web Design
Graphic/ Print Design
Social Media
Content Creation
Video Production/ Effects
Web Marketing Strategy/ Design
Broadcast Radio Production
  • Independent Designer
    & Consultant 2015 - 2017

    Currently designing sites and producing content for clients like The Vapor Lab, Master Photographer Brad Crooks and producing a new blog, MoveThruLifeBlog.com for Wholistic Harmony Massage Therapy.


  • I am always looking for projects with a solid, tested product in need of brand development and a web presense, including social media, website, SEO, strategy and more. This is a capacity where I have achieved major results and rapid growth..

  • Please see below...

  • Marketing Mgr.
    Producer, Co-Host 2011 - 2015
    HIA Radio Network

    Marketing Manager, Produced 2 nationally syndicated shows (America's Healthcare Advocate & Muscle Cars On The Radio). I also Co-Hosted "Muscle Cars on the Radio".
    While there I redesigned three websites to be fully responsive. Produced new logos, all new marketing materials including: Electronic and print presentations, brochures and promotional videos.
    In the nine years prior to my start, the show Owner built a station base of 54 radio stations for both shows combined. In less than 3 years as Marketing Manager the broadcast base for both shows grew to 220+ radio stations. ("Muscle Cars" had 134 stations)
    Success in quadrupling the station base in 26 months resulted from: Fully re-branding both shows, new responsive Websites, use of social media, production of promotional videos (used on radio station and other Websites to raise awareness and draw listeners) combined with higher production values for both shows.

  • Director of Marketing 2008 - 2011
    HRS Erase

    I was half of a two man team tasked with doubling the company's then current market value of slightly more than $5M to $10M within 3 years. To get there, I designed and executed a complete re-brand including company logo, website, and all printed materials for sales and promotions. I created two new value added programs which the competition lacked, and replaced the old "cold call" marketing style with Web 2.0 marketing strategies. I also redesigned the full trade show presence including two large show banners. Just over 16 months later, HRS Erase received a fully funded offer to purchase for $16.7 Million. This dramatic increase of tripling the market value was achieved through strategic implementation by the National Sales Director of the rebranded assets, Website, exclusive value add programs and Web-based tools created.

  • Co-Owner, Vice President 1998 - 2007
    Cameron Lewis Media Services

    Cameron Lewis Media Services was a new venture created in 1998 with a friend. Our own company goal was to introduce interactive multi-media Web-based tools for our clients to open up a vast new horizon in marketing, the Internet.
    As Internet consultants, we suggested our clients connect with their customers by starting conversations and building relationships with them through "back-end" Internet marketing. Back-end marketing typically includes a promotional item (like the CD) at the time of purchase. The marketing process actually begins after the sale has taken place.
    Many said we were crazy when we introduced such "forward-thinking" ideas, like starting the marketing process after the sale or having a destination where companies can start conversations with customers. Then, in 1999, Cameron Lewis Media Services custom designed and produced the first Internet-connected Premium (give-away) items for Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble and General Reinsurance. Each was based on these forward-thinking ideas and how they could be utilized for their own brand awareness campaigns. Three Fortune 500 companies saw the light in less than a year.
    Perhaps we weren't crazy after all...

Previous Clients worked with
  • Led a team that designed - produced the first Web based marketing tool Coca-Cola deployed to customers. It entertained, educated and directly connected Coke to their customers via their web site... back In the year 2000.

  • Led the team that designed - produced the first Web connected Premium (give-away) item used by Procter & Gamble. It was a joint promotional product for Coke's Sprite brand and Procter & Gamble's Pringles brand.

    Procter & Gamble
  • Our team produced GenRe's first CD underwriters toolkit for clients. It connected underwriters to Web resources. In particular, a set of tools Genre had recently rolled out on it's upgraded web site for facultative reinsurance.

    General Reinsurance
  • Worked with the Driving Skills For Life team for almost 2 years. They were major sponsor of Muscle Cars on the Radio. We did radio shows, promotional videos and web based content to help promote their great program.

    Ford Driving Skills For Life

Portfolio - a sample of my work

  • All
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Video
  • Photos

Coke CD

First Internet Connected Marketing Coke produced for customers.

Game Graphic

All 4 games on the CD were built around the brands.

Sprite Graphic

Screen shot from a Sprite game

CD Logo

Logo for the joint promotional project.

GenRe CD

First Internet tool CD GenRe made for clients.


Video for Ford Driving Skills and Force Racing.

Yahoo Promo

Video for Yahoo Sports Radio to promote our show.

Need For Speed

Video for season 3 of Muscle Cars On The Radio.

Radio Show

Website for Muscle Cars On The Radio.

Coverage 2011

Muscle Cars station coverage in 2011.

Coverage 2013

Muscle Cars station coverage in 2013.


Americas Healthcare Advocate show.

AHA Website

Website for Americas Healthcare Advocate.

AHA Video

Video made for radio stations.


Website for Benefits By Design.

Brad Crooks

Site for Master Photographer Brad Crooks.


Website for TMS Mechanical.

Before/After HRS Erase brochure.

A before and after graphic.

Re-branded Logo

New logo for HRS Erase

TV Guest

On the Expert Panel for a TV special on Healthcare.

HRS Erase

Trade show banner for HRS Erase

HRS Erase

Before & After HRS Website

HRS Erase

Value add program exclusive to HRS Erase

Sigma Nu

Website for the K-State Sigma Nu Fraterity.

Details, Details... A Little More About Me

  • December 11, 2015
  • by Todd Knupp
  • Car sales, muscle cars, pace cars, historic cars

I love hi-performance cars.  I have since I first played with Hot Wheels and remote controlled cars. As I got older I graduated to go-carts and then motorcycles. Going fast and making things faster was more than a passion for me. I have owned quite a few fast cars in my years but my pride and joy muscle car was a 1975 455 Super Duty TransAm. After a few “modifications” it was faster than blue blazes and in my opinion driving it was about as much fun as you could have with your pants on.  I was a gear head and spent hours with my buddies working on any part we thought we could make faster, louder, or just plain cooler.  It's safe to say I haven't outgrown my passion for speed wrapped up in sleek chrome and the smell of quality leather.  As I've "matured", I have found ways to work around cars whenever I could.  I've sold cars, done Web work for car dealers, and my "Tech Geek" skills opened a path for me to train car dealer sales staffs to handle Internet sales.  My work didn't stop there.

 I also Produced and Co-Hosted “Muscle Cars on the Radio”, a weekly talk show that fueled the passion of car enthusiasts via the airways on 134 radio stations across America.  Those responsibilities took me to race tracks, led me to private tours of the Henry Ford Auto Museum and into the boardroom at Ford world headquarters in Michigan. I have also had the opportunity to sit down face to face for one on one interviews with racing legends like John Force, Courtney Force and Tony Pedregon.  Along the way I've been lucky to make more unique connections than the Average Joe with a passion for cars ever gets to.  Many friends I have made are car collectors of antiques, one-of-a-kinds, you name it.  Then, because I understand the intricacies of Internet sales, those collectors repeatedly asked, “Can you help me sell my collectable car online?”. I’m always happy to help my friends so I have helped friends and clients sell their collectable cars for several years.  When I'm asked to manage an on-line car sale, typically my reply is “Certainly, I have sold a number of them”.

But that's not always my response...

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  • December 11, 2015
  • by Todd Knupp
  • John Force, funny car racing, John Force Racing, NHRA

With 16 individual world championships John Force ranks as the most winning man in the history of sports, period. No one even comes close. John has been the center of much controversy over the years. And when there is a controversy with John's name at the center, "heated" is almost always in the headline. It's reputed that John can be a bit volitile at times, but I am not one to pre-judge so I thought I would find out for myself. After all, there are times that being volitile is justified and drag racing is about as competitive as it gets. I have to admit walking into this I admire John Force. Winning 16 individual world championships takes GRIT, lots of it, and I like grit. Now, I was about to sit down face to face for an interview with John Force about racing, his daughters and what drives a man to win 16 world championships.

Was I ready for this?

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  • December 11, 2015
  • by Todd Knupp
  • rescue dog, dog shelter, adopt a puppy

Earlier this year, on a hot May afternoon Arrow and her nine brothers and sisters were piled into a large steel bucket and set out by the side of a road, abandoned to die of exposure in the sun at just 2 days old. And they almost did. It never fails to amaze me the depths of sadistic cruelty some people show to animals. I also have to admit having a soft spot for dogs. A good dog is the best friend you will ever have. They are always thrilled to see you, never judge you, enjoy nothing more than the pleasure of your company and they will lick even the hand of an owner that has no food to offer them. Any creature of such noble character deserves our best, as they always give us thiers. The sad truth, however, is many times they get our worst. Like these ten puppies left to bake to death in the sun.
Fortunatelty, the puppies were saved some time later by the owner of the property they were abandoned on. He brought them inside, sun scorched, badly needing water and close to death. They were turned over to the KC Pet Project barely alive. Their chances were bleak as newborn pups have to eat every 3-4 hours and the kennel wasn't staffed at night.

That's when Riley stepped into the picture…

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Contact info
  • Adress: Olathe, KS.

  • Email: toddk@toddknupp.com
  • Phone: 913 961 7480
  • Website: www.toddknupp.com
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